Meeting Time: May 12, 2020 at 2:00pm PDT

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3. 20-229 Update on Proposed Changes to the City's Transportation Analysis Methodology from Level of Service to Vehicles Miles Traveled [Council Pillar: Promote and Enhance Economic and Housing Development]

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    Lance Saleme about 1 year ago

    Have the models been updated to take into consideration the change of ridership attitude from the Covid crisis? Transit hubs can no longer ensure reduced VMT given fear of public transit. This implies impact of traffic, road maintenance, parking, and related transportation services. Comments would be appreciated.

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    Betsy Megas about 1 year ago

    We try to be green, yet much of our GHG emissions come from cars. Lately, Santa Clara's streets are almost empty. It's quieter, safer for walking and bicycling, and the air is cleaner.

    Land use drives driving. Destinations near homes with safe, inviting access, reduce driving and the need for parking.

    I hope we'll exceed VMT reduction standards, including abundant transit oriented housing. By building wisely we'll begin to reduce traffic congestion, collisions, and emissions.